What's Your Marketing Strategy? 

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Social Media Marketing Position Offers Many Benifits!

- Target Your Audience

- Geo-Graphic Parameters 

- Target Consumer Profiles 

- Reach Consumers Directly

Grow Brand Awareness, Engagement & Traffic

Being Social is a Full-Time Job!  Social media postings are by their nature, temporary. That means small businesses not only need a Facebook Business Page but posting regularly is critical! 

In the effort to stay on top of consumers minds, you need to stay relevant and keep your followers’ in the know! This is done by creating consistent and engaging posts. 

However, Facebook is making it more difficult for businesses as the new Facebook algorithms are only being shown to 4% of your current followers, so reaching new consumers with a Facebook post is not an option anymore.

Leveraging Social Media  

My team and I are experts at creating unique, small business Social Media Marketing Campaigns and Social Media Sponsored Post!  We create campaigns that capture the attention of your target market!  No we do not do Boosted post, because there is far more added value in strategizing Social Media Sponsored Ads that can retargeting consumers. 

Today, everyone is on social media.  Thus, the right social presence could have a significant impact on your business.  Let me ask you?

1. Do you have a Social Media Business Page?  

2. Are you actively engaging on your business a page, posting content at least once a week?  

3. Have you started utilizing Social Stories?

4.  Is your business page setup for the messenger?  Correctly?  Do you have a messaging Bot?  

5. Is your Social Media business page verified?

Does your social media page and website deliver transparency?  And the list of questions goes on....

Social media is one of the best tools to create a voice for your brand and allows your brand to connect with and engage with like-minded followers.

Social Media Marketing: Sponsored Ads

Social Media Marketing is referred to as, paid Sponsored Post and include:

- Account set up and implementation

- Social media management over ads 

- Unique individual campaign planning

- Sponsored Advertising linked with contectual targeting

- Focuses on multiple geographic locations

- Ads feature interactive phots designed to get consumers attention 

- Multiple ads for each audience 

- A "Call to Action" that fit your goal

- Offers engagement and is a two-way street of communication

Sponsored Ads provide additional measurements that a boosted post will not.   Such as reach, engagement, CTR, analytics, segmentation reporting / weekly updates / monthly reports.  Remember success looks different to everyone, so everyone will measure and view their ROI differently. 

Keep in mind, ads are never a set and forget feature like a magazine or newspaper.  But instead we should always important to monitor your ads and constantly improve them through A&B consumer ad testing.


- Let our team help you get the most of all things that are FREE! 

Start by easily connecting your business page to your favorite customers through messenger.  

The options are endless, business can now schedule, book, reserve, respond to questions, send promotional messages, offer customer support, and more by enabling your business messenger!  

We have a few tips for setting up a successful business messanger!  Just ask?

Communicating with your customers in real time is completely FREE when using Facebook Messenger.