What's Your Marketing Strategy? 

Clicks That Count Management

Paid Per Click is just one of the many forms of Digital Marketing segments.

Behind all success is a PLAN with CUSTOMIZED STRATEGY, and Paid Per Click is typically part of that great strategy.  Reach your small business marketing GOALS with a comprehensive PLAN OF ATTACK!

New product launch?

PPC can help.

New website? PPC can help. Need leads? PPC can help.

Need more sales? Yup, still PPC.

Rebranding your company? No surprise, PPC can help there too.

PPC can’t solve all of your SMB problems, but it’s an advertising technique used to elevate your company’s growth. With a variety of ad formats, pay-per-click can reach your target audience and here you can effectively communicate your unique selling proposition

At Hibu we create robust, adaptive, flexible strategies that start with the consumer's journey.  

We start by understanding and asking questions about your business.  We learn your business inside out, through research, analysis, consumer profiles, current audiences, direct and in-direct competition, and overall marketplace.  Then together we will review your business goals, then create a robust strategy that communicates your unique selling points within a budget that you specify. 

Google Ads Premier SMB Partner:

When you hire me as your personal marketing consultant, you gain my one on one interaction and my team at corporate.

Hibu is a proud Google Ads Premer SMB Partner. Let our expert team implement the tactics identified to create real results for your business online.

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