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What Is Digital Marketing?

Marketing has always been about connecting with your prospect audience. Reaching and connecting with them in the right place and at the right time, with the right message. Thus, digital marketing is the marketing of products or services using digital technologies, mainly over the Internet. 

What Are Some Digital Marketing Examples?

      • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 
      • Content Marketing
      • Social Media Marketing
      • Pay Per Click (PPC)
      • Affiliate Marketing
      • Native Advertising
      • Marketing Automation
      • Email Marketing
      • Online PR
      • Inbound Marketing

What Does A Digital Marketer Do?

As we enter a new Decade, my role as a Digital Marketing Coach has exponetually evolved.  I serve many different roles and responsibilities and in many ways consider myself to be a “jack of all technical trends!"  

As A Local Digital Marketing Coach,

You Can Expect  

Me to discover the newest ways your buiness can re-engage with existing customers and attract new ones by creating or evaluating the current marketing plan.  My success as Marketing Coach is built  on a solid relationship between the small business owner  and myself, using a unique 1.1 model and Holistic Managment approach.  As your marketing coach I will not use technical terminology you don't care to understand, nor do I expect you to.  But instead, I help by simplify the digital marketing space, so that it makes sence to you and your businesses unique needs.  

Your 1.1, digital marketing coach. When you work with me, it’s like having a personal trainer. 

I Am A Solutions Solver

Dedicated To Solving Your #1 Problem

  What is your digital marketing challenge?

Every small businesss owner I meet has a unique set of needs and challenges.  A cookie cutter approach does not exsist and that is exactly why you need a 1.1 Marketing Coach.   

As a markting coach, and your cheerleader, we will get to know eachother.  When you pick me as your coach, you will be adding me to your team.  I am not a replacement for anyone, but instead I help empower my teammembers by providing key insights, new trends, technical training and a proactive 2020 marketing solution.  I aid your team by listening to them, asking the right questions and understanding your internal processes. Together we all attribute to your marketing goals, objectives and strategy to achieve success in 2020 and beyond!

What Are Marketing Goals?

A marketing goal is a specific, measurable, aspirational, realistic, and time-bound metric that drives a marketing effort in your marketing plan. Your marketing plan will be made up of multiple marketing goals. 

As a small business owner you can not be expected to keep up with the latest trends, know how to use technology over night and so on.  More importantly, you have a business run.  You started that business because you are an expert in that business area, not at marketing. Right? 

When you work with me, you can finally stop spinning your wheels and focus on your business.  Allowing me to focus on your marketing. 


I am not a salesman. I am not sellign anything.  But instead I am passionate about helping small business owners succeed, I inspire to inspire others.  

By offering 1.1 client coaching and  On The Job Training (OTJT) I am able to teach the necessary skills you and your team may need to remain relevant and competitve. 

Solution Based Products & Services

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1.1 Coach | OTJT 

Business is Better With Partners.

Let’s Team Up.

Let’s work together, create a partnership and tackle your marketing challenges together!

Schedule a time for me to come in and meet with your face to face 1.1.   

Digital Marketing is a Partnership

Marketing in 2019 is complex and is nearly over. We are now looking at a new decade and consumer expectations are higher than ever.  Allow me to join your team and let's achieve more in 2020.

Does Your Business Have A 2020 Marketing Plan?

As we look at 2020 in the face, it is important not to think about what we didn't do but instead gear up and take an active approach.


According to a survey of 350 small and medium business (SMB) owners,
50% did not have a marketing plan for 2019 

The survey also reported as a result, their marketing efforts are falling to the wayside, the study finds:

  • 25% of respondents are unsure of how they plan to grow their businesses in 2019.
  • 55% of SMB owners spend less than 5% of annual revenue on marketing.
  • Over 58% of SMB owners spend five hours or fewer on marketing every week.
  • 86% of respondents would rather spend their time on other business activities than spending time on marketing.

  For more information on this study please see the full sited study here (PDF link).  

If you don't have a marketing plan you are not alone. In fact you part of the majority and that is ok, you have to start somewhere. It is never to late to start anything.  You just have to take the first step.  

Get in touch with me and let's make a practical, marketing solution for your business in 2020!

Why Partner With Me? 

"You will not find anyone else, who will work harder for your small business, than me!"

- Jessica Vogel

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