What's Your Marketing Strategy? 

Your Local, Michigan Marketing Coach 

My name is Jessica Vogel and I help small business owners 1.1 adapt, evolve and strategize marketing campaigns.  I love my job as I aspire to inspire others.  There is so much personal reward watching them grow and succeed.

As a marketing coach, I work remotely and aim to meet all my clients face to face. I enjoy working in the field and meeting with small business owners all over the state of Michigan and I also do assist clients online.  

In my own words, I would like to tell you that, I am a seeker, and typically break standard rules that are outdated, I think out of the box, I am a dreamer, full of energy, demand quality, work with integrity and never wish.  I am deeply committed to reminding people what they are made of, so they can make a profound difference in the world. My success as a Marketing Coach is attributed to my rare ability to bring out the best in others.

I am equipped with a Bachelor of Science in Business to Business Marketing from Ferris State University.   Google AdWords Certified, dedicated to my continued education. As a former small business owner of seven years, I know first-hand what it takes to succeed in today's technical world.

You've Got Challenges and I got Solutions.
If you own your own business, then I want to meet you? 

I understand that reaching customers is harder than ever. Research tells us that customers tend to engage more with marketing materials that combine multiple types of content, including photos, video clips, and audio. Based on this I understand the need to be diverse in many sectors and my diversity will help your small business stand out from the crowd.  

My mission is to fix your number one problem! 

Count on me to provide solutions and deliver a people-first monetized approach, that engages your audience, at the right time, in the right place, and deliver results that can be measured. 

Are You Everywhere Online?

Our phones hold the key to our habits, such as the routes
we take to work, the stores we use to shop, and the games we play. They reveal the secrets to our preferences, from our favorite bands to our most-read news topics. This wealth of information is a treasure trove for data-driven mobile marketers who want to build relationships with their customers.

Pro Tip: Identify Your USP

Here's how to uncover your Unique Selling Points (USP) and use it to power up your sales:

Step One: Put yourself in your customer's shoes

Too often, entrepreneurs fall in love with their product or service and forget that it is the customer's needs, not their own, that they must satisfy. Step back from your daily operations and carefully scrutinize what your customers really want.

Step Two: Ask yourself questions like

What could make them come back again and again and ignore your competition?  The answer might be quality, convenience, reliability, friendliness, cleanliness, courtesy or customer services.

Remember, price is never the only reason people buy. If your competition is beating you on pricing because they are larger, you have to find another sales feature that addresses the customer's needs and then build your sales and promotional efforts around that feature.

Step Three: Know what motivates your customers' behavior and buying decisions.

This will allow you to uncover the real reasons customers buy your product instead of a competitor's

Putting It All Together:

Once you've gone through this three-step market intelligence process, you need to take the next--and hardest--step: clearing your mind of any preconceived ideas about your product or service and being brutally honest with yourself!